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Maharajah died long time ago. But we continue to pay hospital bills.

62 year-old Sudhir Karnik was admitted to a leading hospital in Delhi early this year. He had suffered a heart attack. The hospital had him operated immediately. Post operation he…

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Turning 10 the second time

  The year I turned 10 was 1972. Speaking from the ramparts of Red Fort, the Indian Prime Minister thundered, “India is stronger today than it was 25 years ago….

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3 airline malpractices that government supports

  I booked a return air ticket for three family members of mine. A change in return flight had to be made. Changing cost: Rs.2,250 – Rs.750 per person. Or…

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Airlines make merry while the Aviation Minister lights lamps!

Before Air Deccan arrived on the scene, changing or canceling an air ticket cost nothing. You only had to visit the airline’s office to get your ticket ‘endorsed’. Air Deccan…

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Lifting the veil of obscurity

Use the internet to make your company more visible at very little cost and even lesser time. If you are a small services company like mine, you are bound to…

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Are those who fly the richest in India?

Agreed there’s a lot of ‘substance’ down there at the bottom of the pyramid. But marketers will do better if they keep your sights up, on to the top of the pyramid.

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