Not A Perk is about the millennials

Experience their trials and tribulations through this exciting story


29, single, an executive in a large company. She’s sexually harassed by her boss. But complaining gets her sacked, with no notice, leaving her life in mess and career in ruins. What will she do?





35, divorcee, an executive turned entrepreneur, visiting Mumbai to develop business and raise funds. Diya is an old acquaintance. They bump into each other. Sam encourages her to fight back. The encounter brings them closer. But soon Sam discovers there’s far more at stake.


Attractive, intelligent and charming, Tarini is a school teacher, searching for a life parter. She’s introduced to Sam. She likes him and is soon in love with him.


Gorgeous Anya is Sam’s ex-wife. She is a fashion designer, employed by a global brand. She’s smart, independent and rich. She’s keen to explore getting back together with Sam.


A young business graduate in her first job, Isha works in Sam’s start-up. She’s ambitious, competent and chilled. And… willing and bold.


A doctor from Prague, visiting India. A chance encounter connects her to Diya. He doesn’t want to look any further… and soon Diya finds herself warming up to him.

Praise for the book

The book has received lavish praise from readers


A big thank you for sending such a wonderful script. It was a delight to read. I found the plot quite engaging. The characters were fairly well-written and I especially liked the theme of workplace harassment shown from two viewpoints.

– Vani Pandey, Avid reader and book hoarder



New age romance starring real life characters with trials and tribulations of gender issues at work place.

– Sejal Sheth, Entrepreneur



Workspace is perhaps the most challenging environment for defining, acknowledging and respecting individual space. Overstepping lines here is so easy but can have disastrous consequences. Not A Perk is an enjoyable story that portrays different relationships with all their unpredictability, disappointments and agony on one hand, and hope and allure on the other.

– Vivek Sayal, Film-maker

Advance Appreciation



Heady mixture of millenial behaviour and workplace dynamics

-Ranesh Bajaj




An interesting discovery and a Brilliant Read..! Highly Recommended





Riveting read!

Ajay Row









Great read. Interesting characters. Captivating story.

Kumar M.




Today’s story

Prashant C




Must read

Rajiv G




An engaging read!

Devansh Verma




A welcome change, real life in fiction.





The guy doth eat too much

-S Ramachandran




Engaging and Enigmatic

-Rajeev Bhushan






Engaging Story Line

-Nalin Pant




 A unique combination of modern love, sex and family





Up, Close & Personal!





Page Turner!

-Dhruv Deshmukh




Simple and Straight





Good and relatable read…

-Amazon customer, USA




The twists and turns in the plot keep you hooked to the book.


Ratings and Reviews

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A story that keep you engaged till the last page

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It’s a journey through their trials and tribulations on one hand, and their faith and optimism on the other.

No matter who you are, or what you do, Not A Perk will leave a strong impression on you.

About the Author

Raj Bhatia

Raj Bhatia cut his teeth in advertising. He spent his working life persuading millions of people to buy the brands his clients marketed. He has served the world’s leading advertising and marketing companies. He was an entrepreneur too.

He has published columns in Business Standard, Strategist and Inc. He’s an active blogger, writing on diverse subjects and issues, from business to environment to politics to society. He reads too, for several hours every day. He likes to interact with people and is proud to have among his friends a large number of millennials. Among the subjects that fascinate him the most are relationships and human behavior.

Raj lives with his wife and son, and his 9-year old dog Marley, in Gurgaon, India.


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