Story of an executive’s fight to save her job that teaches her critical lessons in client management

Closeyour eyes, and think about some of your good clients. Next, think of the difficult ones. What’s the difference?

Good clients are few, while difficult clients abound. Good clients are understanding, accommodative, but difficult ones are unreasonable and demanding. Good clients appreciate your point of view, but difficult clients expect you to abide by theirs. You’ll have no hesitation calling your good clients friends. Difficult clients? Let’s just call them clients.

Rhea, a senior manager with a large company, manages two of the company’s largest clients; both difficult. Just her luck!

 But the situation changes for the worse – both her clients are about to become a reason for her to lose her job! Her boss is unsparing, giving her an ultimatum: ‘either change things or get ready to lose your job!’

Where did Rhea go wrong? Can she change things? Can she save her job? Does she have an option?

Difficult Clientsis for everyone who manages clients. Executives and managers representing their companies, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals, especially financial advisors, insurance advisors, relationship managers and consultants.

Difficult Clients will help you understand and apply simple principles that turn clients into friends, and make your business and career rock.