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BEST must be praised. And helped.

Mumbai’s public transport service BEST slashed its fares by more than half last month. Within a month, 10 lakh new riders are using the service every day, a rise of 60%. However, increased ridership has taken a toll on BEST’s revenue. Lest the losses pile-up, it’s important to help BEST meet the shortfall. A win-win would be to make vehicle owners fund it. Because if more commuters leave their personal vehicles back home, traffic congestion would reduce. Leading to lower pollution.

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Answer to Mumbai’s traffic woes is AC local

Highest Average Air Quality in Mumbai in 2017 was 186, a 40% increase over previous three years. In 2018, WHO ranked Mumbai as 4th most polluted megacity in the world,…

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Traffic reduced, but pollution…

The odd-even experiment in Delhi has left the taxi owners very happy. Eligible private cars too have been happy, as both driving time and stress were significantly down. But pollution,…

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About plastic smiles, and bottled water

  Last week, when I returned from a short, 2-nights-3-days Pondicherry holiday, it struck me we’d used 11 bottles of water! This, despite not consuming any bottled water in the…

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Sad, a tree can’t bark

A fully grown tree, once cut, fetches up to Rs.25,000. If all the fully grown trees in the country were to be cut, and sold, we can generate enough money…

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Meet another endangered specie: the Footpath

I live in Bangalore. I’d happily leave my car at home and use public transport. The bus service is excellent. There are plenty of air-conditioned buses plying all around the…

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