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When advertising is bad for business

Not all advertising helps increase sales. ‘Bad advertising Unsells a product,’ observed David Ogilvy. It erodes brand’s value as well. Not advertising is far safer bet than bad advertising. Why…

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Offers that send customers away!

You walk into Croma to shop. You look around, find what you are looking for. Discuss with sales person. Negotiate price. Then decide to buy. “Sir, we have an offer…

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Facebook and Fake News

When Facebook shows me advertisements based on my profile, I like it very much. For two reasons: More often than not, these are relevant to me. Based either on my…

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Marketing is not a mantra. It’s core to the product.

Low profile market leader, Indigo Airlines’ success and strategy suggest that it practices marketing as it should be. There are lessons to be learnt. Or perhaps, we all need to refresh our marketing fundas.

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Offer a freebie, or simply kiss!

  Three days before World Cup cricket semi-final, I went to buy a new LCD TV. City: Bangalore. Store: Ezone. I searched, but couldn’t get anything within my budget. So,…

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Are those who fly the richest in India?

Agreed there’s a lot of ‘substance’ down there at the bottom of the pyramid. But marketers will do better if they keep your sights up, on to the top of the pyramid.

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