Not A Perk

454 Pages | Engrossing read

Meet Diya. She’s 29, single and independent. She works for a large company with an exciting career ahead of her. Life’s fantastic. Until she faces sexual harassment at work. But complaining gets her sacked with no notice

Overnight,  her career is ruined, and there’s no one she can turn to. She’s shattered.

Diya wants her career back. She wants her life back. What is she going to do?

Not A Perkis an engrossing story. It’ll take you through the lives of five millennials—a competent corporate executive, a charismatic entrepreneur , a charming school teacher, a ravishing fashion designer, and an ambitious graduate starting her career. It’s a journey through their trials and tribulations on one hand, and their faith and optimism on the other.

No matter who you are, or what you do, Not A Perk will leave a strong impression on you.

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