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Lost carry-on baggage?

Strange statement! Considering that cabin bag invariably rests overhead, literaly just over our seats. Also, we Indians are up from our seats the moment plane comes to a halt after…

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BEST must be praised. And helped.

Mumbai’s public transport service BEST slashed its fares by more than half last month. Within a month, 10 lakh new riders are using the service every day, a rise of 60%. However, increased ridership has taken a toll on BEST’s revenue. Lest the losses pile-up, it’s important to help BEST meet the shortfall. A win-win would be to make vehicle owners fund it. Because if more commuters leave their personal vehicles back home, traffic congestion would reduce. Leading to lower pollution.

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Answer to Mumbai’s traffic woes is AC local

Highest Average Air Quality in Mumbai in 2017 was 186, a 40% increase over previous three years. In 2018, WHO ranked Mumbai as 4th most polluted megacity in the world,…

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Here’s why Mr. Modi will lose 2019

I’m not a political analyst. But I make my living working with data. I look for insights, and use them to create winning marketing strategies for my clients. Looking at…

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The Fine Art of Orchestrating Bluffs

Mr. Modi is at his best when speaking. He’s articulate. Persuasive. Satirical. Entertaining. It won’t be inappropriate to say that he spoke his way to the top job in the…

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Free LPG for poor – an opportunity lost

LPG hai, bimari nahi, says latest hoarding at Bandra in Mumbai. Mr. Modi’s flagship Ujjwala, or free LPG for poor women, was aimed at liberating them of polluting choolha. Raghav Bahl,…

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